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Private Sessions

Why book a private?  In a private session, the lesson is designed just for your body for that day!  You will work one on one with your instructor to get the most out of your session and perform every exercise with the Pilates principles of Precision, Control, Concentration, Centering, Breath, and Flow.  You will have access to hundreds of exercises on a variety of Pilates equipment to assist or challenge your every move! Perfect for the beginner all the way to the most advanced students!


Duet Sessions

Enjoy working out with a friend? Spouse?  Want a more affordable option for accessing the Pilates equipment?  Our certified instructors know how to teach with modifications and building blocks so that even the most advanced client can be challenged next to a novice.  So grab a friend ,or let us know if you need a partner, and sign up for a duet!


Trio Sessions

Three is company, not a crowd, at Powerhouse Pilates!  In a trio, you will have the support of a small group along with the individual attention of a certified instructor.  It’s a cost effective way to fit Pilates into your routine multiple times per week.  You can book your session with 2 other clients of your choice or let us find you a trio and make some new friends!  


Small Group Mat Classes

A great addition to your equipment sessions or as a stand alone option. Your own body  and gravity provide the resistance, your small group offers the support you need, and a qualified instructor gives you the same guidance you would expect in a private session.

Max of 5 students

About Us


Powerhouse Pilates is a fully equipped Peak Pilates Education Center offering teacher training certification courses.

Peak Pilates offers an amazing program unlike any other that provides teachers in training the history of Pilates, pertinent human anatomy, tools to work with students of all different learning styles, and most importantly answers to WHY we do what we do in the classical Pilates system.  The program teaches HOW to teach, not just WHAT, and gives you a hands on approach to practice your teaching skills.

Pilates is for EVERY body for LIFE.  Join Powerhouse Pilates for a life changing experience that will meet you wherever you are on your Pilates journey.  

Call to find out more about our upcoming teacher trainings!  781-249-9038

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Meet Master Instructor, Kimberly Boucher

Kimberly discovered Pilates while searching for a fitness routine that would offer a balance of stretch and strength building.  Pilates was the perfect fit to complement her background in dance combined with her passion for fitness.  At a young age, Kimberly was diagnosed with structural scoliosis.  Pilates has offered her the additional benefits of creating muscular balance and increased body awareness.  Having given birth to two children, she has also seen the results of Pilates training in helping her to regain core strength.  Kimberly holds a BS in Biology and Secondary Education from Providence College.  Her interest in human anatomy and kinesiology combined with her love of teaching motivated her to pursue instructor certification through Peak Pilates.  Kimberly was drawn to the Peak Pilates program for its emphasis on classical Pilates as well as its rigorous and thorough teacher training program.  She has obtained the highest level of certification through Peak Pilates and is a Peak Pilates Certified Master Instructor.


"Not only do I get to work with students and see how Pilates changes bodies, but I work with teachers looking for the same thing that I was – answers to WHY?  Together on this pathway, we never stop learning!  My goal for every one of my teachers in training is for them to feel SUPPORTED, CONFIDENT, PREPARED, and SUCCESSFUL.” 

– Kimberly Boucher, Peak Pilates Master Instructor


After researching and sampling other Pilates classes, I feel very lucky to have found Kim.  Her solid background of advanced Pilates training (including certification to train teachers) as well as her prior career as a biology teacher make her uniquely knowledgeable.  She is skilled in providing just the right cues when a new exercise isn't immediately intuitive.  Kim also has gone above and beyond expectations when it comes to customer service - meeting clients evenings or very early in the morning and accessible many days of the week.  Pilates has helped me gain strength, flexibility, and improved my balance.  It has enhanced my stamina and energy and promoted a sense of well-being. I think I've gained confidence, better posture, and sleep better also!


Easton, MA

Kimberly is without any doubt the best Classical Pilates mat instructor I have had in the past three years.  This comment is based on a sample of over twelve Pilates instructors.  I am still in Classical Pilates because of her technical, creative, and natural abilities to teach this art to me.
Dan M
Rhode Island

Pilates started out as a random New Year's resolution that was thrown quickly into place once I found Powerhouse Pilates 3 weeks into 2014.  I had never taken a class, knew nothing about it, but had convinced myself to give it a shot.  I'm 10 weeks in and hooked.  I enjoy the variety of exercises and the complement to my cardio workouts.  The first thing I noticed was improved posture.  I've had chronic lower back problems since I was a kid, and Pilates does not aggravate my back at all, which often is the case for me when trying a new form of exercise.  I expect as I continue to train with Kimberly my core strength will improve which will certainly help my back.  I look forward to seeing continued positive results from a toning and overall strength perspective too.
Kathleen V.
North Attleboro, MA

Kim is a fabulous Pilates instructor.  Being a dancer, yoga instructor, and fellow Pilates instructor myself, I turned to Kim while pregnant with my second child.  I needed something special for me and was so grateful to find Powerhouse Pilates.  She gave me wonderful modifications and still kept me working hard every session.  It was a great pregnancy and felt awesome to stay strong and connected to my core the whole time!
Steph G.
Rhode Island

I can't tell you how much better I feel since starting to do Pilates with Kim!  All of the aches and pains I was attributing to "aging" have miraculously disappeared!  I feel like I stand differently, and my posture has definitely improved.  My headaches are gone, and I'm a believer!
Rhode Island

Kim is an excellent Pilates instructor.  I first started taking lessons with Kim after my back surgery.  I was nervous to try any exercise but felt totally safe in Kim's hands.  Her attention to detail is amazing.  Kim helped me feel confident and strong again.
North Attleboro, MA

I have found Powerhouse Pilates small group mat classes superlative in many ways.  First, the instructor develops each session by incorporating a broad variety of exercises so that each class feels new and challenging.  Second, to enhance the feeling of newness, Kimberly will use props including weighted balls, magic circles, or rollers that allow her to incorporate new challenges for the students.  Third, in the small classes she is aware of her students' strengths and weaknesses.  With this awareness, she plans exercises that will allow students to succeed and grow. Finally, the prompts she gives are complete and informative clues that enable students to succeed to the best of their abilities that day.  I have learned a lot from her over the past few years and still find the exercises challenging and interesting.
Gail M
Rhode Island

I have really enjoyed this experience, and Pilates continues to improve my tennis game.
Brenda C
Mattapoisett, MA

I slept through the night last night for the first time in over a year!  I have to believe it's because of your class!  Thank you so much!
Lauren S
Rhode Island

benefits of pilates


Experience the Benefits of Pilates:

  • Increase flexibility
  • Strengthen and tone muscles without adding bulk 

         to create a firm, sleek, streamlined body,

  • Create balance to help prevent future injuries
  • Improve posture
  • Enhance mobility, agility, and stamina
  • Strengthen abdominals and back muscles which may alleviate current back pain and even lead to a better night’s sleep
  • Improve joint health and mobility
  • Increase lung capacity and circulation
  • Improve neuromuscular coordination
  • Challenge and improve mental concentration