Private Sessions

Why book a private?  In a private session, the lesson is designed just for your body for that day!  You will work one on one with your instructor to get the most out of your session and perform every exercise with the Pilates principles of Precision, Control, Concentration, Centering, Breath, and Flow.  You will have access to hundreds of exercises on a variety of Pilates equipment to assist or challenge your every move! Perfect for the beginner all the way to the most advanced students!


Duet Sessions

Enjoy working out with a friend? Spouse?  Want a more affordable option for accessing the Pilates equipment?  Our certified instructors know how to teach with modifications and building blocks so that even the most advanced client can be challenged next to a novice.  So grab a friend ,or let us know if you need a partner, and sign up for a duet!


Trio Sessions

Three is company, not a crowd, at Powerhouse Pilates!  In a trio, you will have the support of a small group along with the individual attention of a certified instructor.  It’s a cost effective way to fit Pilates into your routine multiple times per week.  You can book your session with 2 other clients of your choice or let us find you a trio and make some new friends!  


Small Group Mat Classes

A great addition to your equipment sessions or as a stand alone option. Your own body  and gravity provide the resistance, your small group offers the support you need, and a qualified instructor gives you the same guidance you would expect in a private session.

Max of 5 students